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Tweak Your RC Helicopter

HelicopterTweaks.com is dedicated to providing a central library of information on repairing, tuning, and upgrading RC Helicopters. Over the past two years, I have slowly moved from the E-Flight Coaxial Helicopters to a Blade 400 RC Helicopter. Since I seem to have to scour the internet from RC Forums to other websites for the necessary information to repair and tune my Blade 400, I decided to consolidate what I have learned into this website. My goal is to design and develop a website to make it easy for anyone who needs a reference guide to repair, upgrade, and fix their RC Helicopter.

Since this site will be evolving to incorporate possibly other RC Helicopters, I did not name it with the Blade 400 name. Your input is vital to the success of this site. Please feel free to email me with any ideas and information you have. Currently I am focusing on the repair section which needs a lot more content to make it complete. I will work on the other sections when I get a chance.

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RC Helicopter Repairs

Many times, knowing the tools, parts, and steps to replace the component is needed to properly repair the helicopter. Not having the correct tools, parts, or steps, can cause damage to other components, cause incorrect installation
procedures, or reduce the performance of the helicopter.